Running Fashion- November 3rd 2014

Running instead of cleaning my room…I know. Can you tell I found a camera tripod?

Running instead of cleaning my room…I know. Can you tell I found a camera tripod?

3 miles,


33-39 degrees F

It’s that time again…daylight savings, random frosts, snow that incites New England veterans to react like they’ve never seen weather before…This day I ran with mittens and two layers under the traffic cone I call a marathon jacket. The air warmed enough to make me regret one of my layers by the end of the run—sometimes there’s no way to win, either because of the changing air temps or changing body temps. My Running Fashion absence during the summer wasn’t due to a lack of material (I prefer running in the heat!) but a belief that the fewer half-naked photos of me on the internet, the better.

On this run, I only passed female runners- confirming something my ma said recently- that most runners are female. Upon returning home, I checked the statistics. According to Running USA, 57% of race event finishers are women. Men still lead as the majority of marathon participants. Don’t be afraid of the distance, ladies! As a group, we excel in distance, especially the ultramarathons.

Have you seen Runner’s World & the Running Time’s “What to Wear” Calculator? If you’re not experienced in how many layers to throw on based on the mercury, pull up this handy website. You enter the outside conditions and your physical conditions and it spits out recommendations. I’ve found it to be pretty accurate, thanks to one of its questions: “How do you like to feel? Cool/In Between/Warm?”. Try it out!