Timpson Creek Farm

hocus pocus

Client: Hocus Pocus Farm in Chepachet, RI.

Linocut print, 2016

Farmers Courtney Sartini and Sophie Soloway run a small chemical-free mixed vegetable farm with an emphasis on CSA and food justice. From their website: "Hocus Pocus is committed to providing the local community with a wide variety of high quality vegetables, flowers, culinary herbs, and seedlings." Yes farms and yes food!



Manzanita blue

Client: Manzanita Blue in San Diego, CA.

Digitized drawing, 2016

Manzanita Blue is the parent company of Urban Plantations, an edible urban landscaping company. Manzanita is a name common to many species of small trees with twisting branches and deep red bark. They can be found all over the western United States.


home finders of ma

Client: Home Finders of Massachusetts in Natick, MA.

Digitized drawing, 2016

Home Finders is a local real-estate agency specializing in homes of Metrowest Boston.



Client: Friend at Jack's Abby, Framingham MA.
(Not affiliated with Jack's Abby themselves! This was a parody.)

Digital, 2016


timpson creek farm

Client: Timpson Creek Farm, in Clayton, Georgia

Linocut print and hand-drawn lettering, 2017

The TCF crew wanted their logo to reflect the sustainability and cycles involved in their biodynamic farming practices. I used an apple torus, the farm's creek, and the Blue Ridge Mountains as inspiration. This logo aimed to capture the TCF crew's blend of ecology, stewardship, and spirituality.